Analytical, passionate, perfectionist.

Adores trees, mountains and the month of May. People studier and techno enthusiast.

Leadership Bio

Stephen Bates

Head of Content & Growth

Stephen leads the Affinity marketing, thought leadership and growth programme.

Over the last 17 years he has worked as both a consultant and Marketing Director for over 20 agencies, startups and B2B service businesses, giving him a deep understanding of the marketing services landscape and a diverse range of sectors.

Stephen is a passionate believer in the power of design thinking, customer experience and organisational culture, as well as the importance of aligning strategy to execution.

Prior to Affinity, he held senior roles at a number of brand and digital design agencies including Rosie Lee, Studio Output and DesignStudio. Over the years, he has developed relationships with a wide range of clients and led numerous design, content and growth marketing programmes.

Experience: 15+ years

– Adidas
– Activision
– Google
– Nike

– Uniqlo
– Virgin Media
– Home Office
– Ofsted
– Activision

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