How we help

We build the bonds
between people and

The world has changed. To stay ahead, brands need to adapt, innovate and reorganize around human needs and experience. That’s why we founded Affinity.

We start with your audiences’ needs.

We explore their passions, fears and frustrations—their thoughts, as well as their behaviours. With their needs understood, we craft how your brand and business align.

For us, design is more than visual.

It’s a way of thinking and doing. We pair it with culture change to help you solve problems, drive change and achieve ambitious commercial objectives.

We go beyond brand creation.

By fusing brand and experience design with culture change, we shape how your brand and business are experienced across digital, physical and human touchpoints.

Our services

Strategy & messaging

– Research & data analysis
– Brand strategy (purpose, values, positioning, proposition)
– Culture strategy (culture diagnosis, EVP, roadmap)
– Customer experience strategy
– Employee experience strategy

Brand design

– Naming & naming systems
– Visual identity design
– Verbal identity development
– Motion & sonic identity
– Brand guardianship

Comms design

– Marcomms campaigns
– Corporate publications
– Employee communications
– 3D & 2D motion/animation
– Film direction and production

Digital design

– UX and UI design
– Digital design systems
– Technical architecture
– CMS implementation
– Full-stack development

Environment design

– Retail design
– Office design
– Packaging design
– Experiential design
– Experiential technology

Culture change

– Defining capabilities and behaviors
– Learning & development programs
– Employee experience development
– Engagement campaigns & events
– Innovation hacking & events

Challenges we help with.

  • “How can our marketing and communication assets more effectively support our strategic objectives?”

    “We need to embed our new 5-year vision and strategy across the business.”

    “How do we respond to shifting customer and employee needs?”

    “We need to evolve our brand and take it to market in a more creative, engaging way”

    “We’d like support in clarifying who we are, what we do and why we do it”

    “We need strategic and creative support around the launch of a new product/service.”

  • “We need to translate our brand into an intuitive, rewarding digital experience.”

    “How do we cultivate an organisational culture that drives innovation and growth?”

    “We’re expanding into new territories and need to make our global marketing and comms assets more locally relevant.”

    “We need to create an immersive retail experience that drives both footfall and online traffic.”

    “Our offices all feel the same and don’t reflect our culture and ways of working”

    “We’re preparing to sell or merge the business.”

Ways of engaging with us.

Subscription / monthly

High-end, bespoke design delivered through a predictable and cost-effective monthly subscription service. 2–4 day turnaround per request. Pause or cancel at any time.

More info…

Advisory / 1+ weeks

A strategic or tactical review of an area of your business, followed by recommendations. 1-2 consultants working independently but with input from you and your team.

Sprint / 2–3 weeks

Rapid, sprint-based work that helps you with specific, focused challenges. Small and specialist team working side-by-side with yours.

Project / 3–9 months

Work of a broader scope tackling typical agency and consultancy briefs. Multidisciplinary team working both independently and collaboratively with yours.