About us

We're here to
shake things up

Agency creativity
Consultancy rigor

We aim to bring the best of both—without the eye watering fees.

We’re here to ensure creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand with commercial strategy and rigour. And to bridge the gaps between business strategy, brand design and how brand is experienced.

We’re not just designers

Drawn from agencies, startups and global corporations, our highly experienced team works collaboratively and at speed with yours.

Simon Green

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Haughton

Creative Director

Brett Cormack

Head of Operations

Viruthagiri Thirumavalavan

Lead Developer

Chris O’Rourke

Chief Operating Officer

Helen Williams

Client Transformation Director

Dominic Moore

Digital Director

David Peck

.NET Developer

Joanna Jenkins

Head of Client Services

Stephen Bates

Head of Content & Growth

Ramona Da Gama

Business Director & Coach

Cristian Jensen

FMCG Consultant


We’re built for agility

Our business has been set up from day one to be agile, efficient and innovation-friendly.


People and client centric
Empowered and proactive
Work/life balance
Innovation friendly


London and New York
Remote and office working
Digital, cloud-based tools
Task-tailored spaces


Flexible, but standardised
Design thinking
Sprints and scrums
Continuous improvement


Coaches and role models
Ecosystem coordinators
Driven, goal-focused
Fail fast to learn
Empathy, open, human


Agile, fluid hierarchy
Large network of partners
Capabilities over positions
Roles over functions


Our values aren’t just words

They’re the mantras we live and work by, guiding our thinking, culture and processes.

Think beyond

Embrace the rich diversity of the world and value difference. Question everything, seek out new perspectives and exercise lateral as well as logical thinking.

Iterate together

Amplify your creativity and expertise by exercising it collaboratively with colleagues and clients. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African proverb

Be the expert

Value what you know and research what you don’t—always be learning. Establish a voice in the field of your choice.

Do it with heart

Be bold, tenacious and positive when tackling your challenges and goals. Deliver with passion and belief whilst embracing your humanity and imperfection.

Make it count

Focus your thinking and doing on positive, real-world outcomes – for yourself, our clients, our business, and the world in which we exist.


66% of peopleswitch brands fora better experience

Let’s make your brand the one they switch to.


The Stanley Building
7 Pancras Square
King’s Cross
London N1C 4AG


+44 203 859 7699

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