Creating standout in
a saturated tech market.

We were approached by Exinite’s founders to help market and grow their innovative cloud backup business. We rapidly developed the strategic foundations of the brand before developing this into a visual identity, website and marketing assets. This provided the tools to secure new customers and additional funding.


Brand strategy / Brand identity / Website & App / Marketing & investment comms / Office branding


The challenge

As a startup in a highly saturated market, Exinite had only a fraction of the budget of its competitors. The challenge was in using this budget to convey the sense of a larger, more established technology business, whilst communicating the technical innovations that differentiated the business from existing cloud backup providers.

Our solution

No real consideration had yet been given to the business’s brand strategy. With the budget in mind, we combined desk research with a series of strategy sprints to generate three positioning and proposition options. We then quickly honed this down into a vision, purpose and value proposition that differentiated Exinite from larger technology businesses.

To create further standout, we translated the brand strategy into a visual identity that made liberal use of vibrant, distinctive colours—a stark contrast to the blues, blacks and reds that dominate the technology world. To provide dynamism, we developed iconography and motion assets that referenced Exinite’s cutting-edge technology.

To keep the rollout of the brand as cost-effective as possible, we produced an extremely comprehensive design toolkit. This contained detailed instructions and templates for freelancers to design the entirety of the business’s physical and digital brand assets, enabling websites, investor presentations and other marketing collateral to be produced in-house.