Evolution Biologyx

Establishing a disruptive
healthcare brand.

Evolution Biologyx is a US-based startup taking on the big corporations in the regenerative tissue products market. We worked rapidly with the founders to establish the business’s disruptive positioning before crafting this into a bold, standout identity. This gave it the presence it needed to hit ambitious sales targets.


Brand strategy & EVP / Product naming / Brand identity / Packaging / Marketing collateral / Employee experience


The challenge

The founders of Evolution Biologyx (EB) needed a strategic, practical partner that could quickly understand and refine their business offer, as well as translate this into a polished, impactful brand that would support their ambitious sales targets.

Primary audiences were medical professionals and procurement teams in clinics and hospitals. Secondary audiences included insurance companies and end patients. With no branding or marketing assets in place, the business had just three months before products were launching to market.

Our solution

When researching the market in which EB operated, we discovered a largely homogenous and uninspiring brand landscape where buying decisions were often made solely on the basis of price or sales team relationships. Most competitors were overly focussed on products and the science behind those products rather than end patient outcomes. Visual design was often unsophisticated and/or dated, whilst the language used on packaging and other marketing assets was typically ambiguous and over complicated.

Given the ambition of the business and the sea of sameness in which it operated, we seized the opportunity to create a standout brand that was easy to recognize and navigate.

Naming for the suite of launch products centred around the Latin word ‘Sano,’ meaning healthy, sound and wholesome. Language and messaging emphasized how products were clean, minimally processed and in harmony with the body’s natural ability to heal.

Visually, we took inspiration from outside of the healthcare industry. A bold, rich colour palette avoided the overused blues and greens of the medical world, and abstract shapes referenced the structure of cells in the human body. Overall, we were pushing for a bold, contemporary look and feel that reflected the disruptive ambition of the business.